Brand Strategy

Every ambitious brand needs a robust strategy behind it. We’ll help you define your brand positioning and personality, helping you create a connection with your customers that will support your long-term goals.

  • Customer insight

    We’ll help you to find those little (and large) gems of information using TGI and other profiling techniques, plus qualitative and quantitative research to help you better engage with your customers.

  • Brand Workshops

    Our interactive brand clarity workshops have been designed to get at the heart of your brand. They’ll help you to quickly define your brand proposition and personality, creating a real point of difference.

  • Brand Architecture

    We’ll help you create a logical and relational structure for your brand portfolio giving your customers clarity and you a clear strategic direction.

  • Vision & values

    Every great brand has a roadmap. We’ll help you define yours so you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, expressed as your mission, vision and values.

  • Positioning

    We’ll help you to define your brand positioning – the space you want to occupy in your target customers minds. What is it that we want them to think when they hear your name.

  • Naming

    We’ll help you to create a brand name for your company, product or service that sets you apart and resonates with your customers.