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Our Creative Design Process

Creative Design
Whatever your need, all good creative design starts by listening. Listening to our clients and their customers. This allows us to create a strong creative platform from which to develop creative ideas that achieve real cut-through by ensuring they are different, relevant and credible to your consumers.

Customer Insight
Understanding customer attitudes and behaviours is key to driving demand for retailers and brands alike – be that on the high street or online.

We use a variety of research methodologies to get true insight. From focus groups and in-depth interviews to vox-pops and accompanied shops.

Strategic Planning
With businesses operating in an increasingly competitive and hostile environment, the ability to achieve profitable sales is impacted by many factors.

We help to identify areas of competitive advantage to design and deliver appropriate integrated marketing strategies to help our clients maximise their sales.

We often run ‘Great Ideas Workshops’ with our clients to really help them nail their proposition or campaign objectives to the floor.

Creative Planning
We build a creative platform that acts as a blueprint for inspiring great ideas and creativity – ranging from the key objectives we need to achieve, the product benefits we need to push, audience profiles, timing, budgets, etc – in fact, everything that goes into selling your brand at a trade and retail level.

Campaign Execution
Great delivery is as important as the creative idea itself. The ability to target your customer sing the right media, at the right time in the right place is vital to your marketing success.

Evaluation & Learning
Whether it’s improving the campaign timing, segmentation or targeting, tweaking the creative or better internal employee briefings, there are always lessons to learn to take forward or next time. We make sure these learnings are captured to ensure continuous improvement.