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Recent studies have revealed that just a one second delay in page load times can reduce customer sales by a whopping 7%.

In this world where none of us have enough time to cram everything we need to do, mixed with our impatience to have everything immediately, page load times are a crucial element that all retailers need to address.

Page load times also impact your overall SEO ranking as Google loves not only relevancy, but speed as well.

So next time you get told that your website seems slow, remember that a 1 second delay can result in 11% fewer page views! a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in sales. (Data from Aberdeen Group)

As a first step, check out your Google Analytics and review the Speed Suggestion Report. It gives you tips on your page load speed and tips on how to speed it up.

And if you want a more in depth analysis and solution – give us a shout.