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The rise of digital couponing in-store

As an agency, we try to get out for a pizza on a Friday. Admittedly it doesn’t happen much, as client work comes first, but when it does happen, something remarkable takes place.

We all pitch up to our favourite Italian around the corner, and the first thing that happens is at least 3 members of the team get out a discount coupon for money off our meal.

For some, they’ve printed it out on a sheet of paper, but the majority simply have it on their smart phone and show it to the waiter or waitress before we even look at the menu.

This is now common place for bars and restaurants, but in reality it will soon be coming to every store near you!

In a recent shopper mobile survey, 38% of respondents said they were ‘extremely likely’ to use digital coupons in the future – but very few could actually confirm if their favourite stores had an app or not.

And this is the real dilemma. After 24 months of everyone going app crazy, retailers have now woken up to the fact that the app they build needs to play an active part in the shopper’s buying experience.

It’s not enough to simply represent information to the viewer, it needs to have live and compelling content. If you build an app, people won’t just magically show up. It has to be integrated into the entire shopper experience and there have to be rewards and benefits for shoppers!