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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An Overview
Search Engine Optimisation forms part of many of our clients long-term online marketing strategies. We work on getting a website ranking highly for relevant keywords throughout key target areas, allowing potential customers to find a website more easily, drive sales and prompt enquiries.

SEO Campaign
For all SEO programmes, we closely monitor the website to ensure optimal exposure to the search engines and make the necessary content or keyword changes to position the website high in the search results (SERPs).

Using ‘white hat’ and ethical SEO techniques, we optimise for the key internet search engines, although as approximately 91% of UK search traffic starts on Google, we mainly optimise for this leading Search Engine.

We offer different levels of SEO support
We have a range of different SEO programmes to suit all types of budget and objectives. Please ask for more details.

Here’s a taste of what our range of SEO programmes include:-
Research – Our staff will research and report on the top keywords used to search our clients specific industry.

Recommendations – Based on our research, we will compile a list of the keywords we recommend be optimised during the programme.

Rankings Report – Once the keywords are signed off, our staff will generate a report that details where our clients website place in the major search engines for those keywords.

Competitor Analysis – We will provide a rankings report on our clients competitors to compare the site’s current standing to those of our clients competitors.

Competitor Website Analysis – We will analyse a number of our clients competitors’ websites and backlinks and provide an expert heuristic evaluation.

Web Crawler Optimisation – We will optimise the site to enable Google to crawl it more easily.

Monthly Optimisation Reporting – Intense Optimisation and Reporting for some Primary Keyword Phrases – We will optimise and report on these competitive ‘primary’ keyword phrases. Plus Optimisation and Reporting for an agreed number of Secondary Keyword Phrases– We will optimise and report on these ‘secondary’ keyword phrases.

Site Wide Optimisation – We will optimise the entire site for optimal search engine performance.

Web Content Analysis – We will analyse and adjust the content on the sites web pages and provide suggestions to optimise the search engine performance.

Extensive Referrals Analysis – We will produce a report showing the number of referrals and backlinks our clients have to the site and facilitate the link-back process.

Industry Directory Management – We have access to over 1500 industry directories and will facilitate the process of listing the site in those appropriate directories.

Search Engine Submission – We will submit the site to the major search engines as well as any industry-specific engines using our leading techniques.

Articles – We will add relevant and topical blog articles to the website to assist with content development. This encourages search engines to crawl the website more frequently. Design, look and feel of the blog is an extra charge if needed.

Google Site links Advice – We will make recommendations about how to get Google Site links appearing in the search results and facilitate this process.

Google Webmaster Tools – We will create a Google Webmaster account for the site and monitor it throughout the course of the year.

Website Traffic Analytics – We will report on the traffic the site is receiving as a result of our extensive optimisation programme, giving our clients insight into who is visiting the site.

Monthly Rankings Report – We will produce a report on our clients rankings every month and email this to them, so that they can see monthly progress.

Final Rankings Report – At the end of the programme, we will produce a report on the rankings so our clients can see the overall progress.