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Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 12 months, the term shopper marketing will not have escaped your notice. But what is it?

Put simply, “customers use, shoppers buy”.

It is founded on delivering the right message at the right time and place through a deep understanding of a shoppers’ profile, the media channels they use and the different shopper missions they undertake once on their path to purchase.

And just in case you find yourself in the USA in the next few months, don’t forget they have a different definition of Shopper Marketing. They think of it as the ‘last yard’, i.e. marketing at the point of purchase, be that online or in-store, whereas in the UK we regard it as marketing throughout the entire path to purchase, or as we put it, from the ‘sofa to the sale’.

So there you have it. Shopper Marketing is simple. The difficult bit is doing it. That’s why we are here!