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Thirst Aid Kit – saving the planet – one tree at a time

The Challenge
As a company that cares passionately about trees and plants thousands every year, it made absolute sense for our Client, Gristwood and Toms, to introduce a tree watering bag to their product offering.
Water deficit is the main cause of failure in newly planted trees, so a watering bag can be a real life saver.
However, product awareness amongst the target audience of Tree Officers was low. We needed to find a vehicle to get a watering bag into their hands whilst at the same time driving home the ‘life saving’ benefits.

The big idea
Using ‘life saver’ as our starting point, lead us to positioning the watering bag as a Thirst Aid Kit – likening the needs of a tree to human needs.
The creative is playful with the graphic language of pharmacy and first aid and uses emotive health related terms like ‘treatment’ and ‘ chronic’ to complement this.
The physical delivery in a pillow box echoes the idea of a life jacket (the bag is zipped around the tree).