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Using animation to make the complex simple!

It’s amazing how effective animation can be to get across a complex message. In this example, we created a 3 minute video for one of our clients to play at conferences and for use on the web to help easily explain their product and service offering.

One of our clients, Oasys, is a leader in the provision of automated playout systems for the television broadcast industry around the world. Through their expertise, they have managed to build a very sophisticated, industry-leading playout system for television broadcasters around the world and packaged it all up an incredibly simple, user-friendly way. Their audience is worldwide and they attend many exhibitions around the world, so they needed a solution to convey what they offer simply and effectively.

Our immediate response was to create an animation for Oasys that would offer a solution both at exhibitions and online. Animation allowed us to quickly and succinctly grab their prospects attention and explain their offer.

The animation was first shown at the world’s biggest broadcast convention in Las Vegas and was an immediate hit. It is now being used on their website and across the world at different conferences, exhibitions and events.