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Use data to rise-up, not get bogged down

Chris Westlake, Managing Partner, Howell Penny You can have the most complete data – from web traffic to email/direct mail to transactions and so on, and invest in your data infrastructure as a key asset.  But if you don’t use that knowledge to define actionable and business changing insights, you can still feel totally bogged down. Data is knowledge but if...

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Let’s get physical

Chris Westlake, Managing Partner, Howell Penny Since 2000, 75% of global retail sales growth has come from online channels. Sales through UK digital channels continue to grow at 10-15% a year, while UK in-store sales increase by around 2-3% a year. Yet, instead of sounding the death knell for bricks-and-mortar stores, brands are still opening physical spaces. Even online-only brands...

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