• chris
    Chris Penny
    Managing Partner

    Loads of Coffee, Early starts, Rioja, French living, Boston, Marmite, Friends, Staying young, Singing, Fun loving, World War I, Can do attitude, Family, Musical theatre, Singing, Marathons, Lake Maggiore.

  • ca-courses.com
    Simon Howell
    Creative Director

    Loads of Coffee, Early starts, Rioja, Movies, Toys, Cornwall, Italy, James Bond, Cities, Being prepared, Running, Fast cars, Technology, Music, Family, Friends, Thursdays.

  • Marc Rigby
    Marc Rigby
    Client Director

    Football, Everton FC, Prog, Folk, Pop, Walking, Cats, Z cars, J Atkinson & Co, SyFy, Blogging, Listening, London Pride, Full bodied reds, Showers, Bridgedale socks, Spartacus, Street End, Away trips, National trust, Toast, Honesty

  • clare
    Clare Sidebottom
    Group Account Director

    Busy, Talks Fast, Restaurants, Pubs, Eating too much, Dieting, Holidays, Family, Friends, Diet Coke, Wine, Silliness, Bad driving, Tea, Reading, Not enough sleep, Positive.

  • Charlotte Wallwork
    Charlotte Wallwork
    Group Account Director

    Barcelona, chocolate, tapas, Fresh Meat, spinning, family, laughter, ski-ing, stripes, general silliness, Rioja, friends, Patagonia, Almodovar, hugs, Green + Blacks Choc ice-cream, smiley, house tunes, smelly cheese + oatcakes.

  • Kirstie Seaman
    Kirstie Seaman
    Account Director

    Trampolining, accents, purple, cinema, photos, cake, Spurs, city breaks, sarcasm, Factory, inappropriate giggling, organising, frothy coffee, music, Italy, pistachio ice cream, reading in the bath, Sauvignon, The Wire, beach walks.

  • ellie2
    Ellie Ball
    Account Executive

    Dancing, skiing, staying up too late…getting up too early, cooking, baking, especially cakes, dancing on tables, reality TV, toffee vodka, strong tea, getting stuff for free, laughing too loudly and dancing in the snow.

  • Alex Jepson
    Alex Jepson

    Swimming, Ibiza beats, vodka cocktails, Auntie Flo’s chocolate cake, Goodfellas (the film not the pizza), Derren Brown, hitting the snooze button… again and again…, teaching my baby boy to swim, 80′s music, oh and pedalos!

  • dan
    Dan Smith

    Doing it for the kids, Living in the real world not the virtual, Real coffee never instant, Rock and roll, You’ll never walk alone, Stay classy.

  • Matt Durant
    Matt Durant

    Coffee, Discovery, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, (anything by Scott or Fincher). Attenborough, Brooker, Fry, Radiohead, Aphrodite, Joy Division, BSE, 6 Music, SGP. Just my type, BF3, & still hunting for that Will guy, with my brother, Ben.

  • Sarah Howell
    Sarah Howell

    Good food, good company, lots of laughs, Zumba, boxing, handbags, Italy, Stephen Fry, swearing, theatre, cinema, family, far too tidy!