Put nice and simply – we help you sell more

We combine our experience, understanding and load of great ideas to deliver integrated marketing solutions that work.

Our brand expertise has helped to deliver new verbal and visual identities for many of our clients over the years. Find out about how we can help you with your branding and discover more about our Brand Clarity process>>

Digital marketing now represents a huge part of our daily work – from mobile marketing campaigns, QR codes and online sales promotion, to social media campaigns and the design and development of complex website solutions. Find out more about our digital capabilities>>

Retail Marketing
Our reputation as one of the best retail marketing agencies grows day by day. Our background is in Retail at a senior level on both the client and agency side. We are proud to work with some of the world’s best retailers helping them in a range of activities:

• Retail Branding – helping to design and deliver new store concepts and branding an example
• Exterior signage & Visual Merchandising – Creating visual impact on a permanent or seasonal basis
• Store Navigation – Helping customers to easily navigate the store
• Point of Sale – to help drive sales and cross selling instore through permanent fixtures and sales promotion
• Sales Promotion – creation of SP campaigns across all media to drive sales at key periods an example
• Retail Catalogues – from design templates to artwork production of all types of retail catalogues
• Literature – beautiful coffee table brochures to take-one informational leaflets an example

Looking to promote your products or services in print, outdoor, broadcast, mobile or online? We’ve been helping our clients achieve real cut-through and impact in consumer perceptions and actions for years. Helping them choose the right advertising vehicle and delivering creative with the required punch and impact to make a real difference to sales and brand awareness.

Sales Promotion
We can help you drive immediate sales, through the design and delivery of tactical sales drivers – be they added value or incentive based to stimulate product interest, trial, purchase or loyalty. From on-pack offers to couponing, sampling and competitions  – getting consumers to engage with your brand is what we do best.

Direct Marketing
With the arrival of the internet and new media, the direct marketing landscape changed forever. Companies now have a plethora of direct channels available to talk directly with their customers and prospects. Direct mail still plays an important role for some companies, as do catalogues, coupons. telemarketing and door drops, but direct response marketing is the new kid on the block – both online and offline – allowing brands to track and measure success in real-time.We can help determine and deliver the right DM strategy for you.

Internal Communications
Developing a strong internal communications strategy can have a significant impact on your company performance, service delivery and reputation. We work with large multinational organisations to help them develop and deliver their internal communications strategy, including educational programmes and short-term tactical sales performance campaigns.

Financial Services
Getting your financial services messages across in a way that meets the demands of the FSA and other regulatory bodies, whilst achieving real cut-through with your customers and prospects is something we’ve delivered for everyone from retailers to alternative investment specialists for many years. From the rebranding of financial service offers and companies to the development of websites, press and outdoor advertising, POS, monthly statement messaging and online email communications, we’ll help you deliver your message in he most impactful way possible.

Trade Marketing
Increasing demand for brands at wholesale or distributor level is vital to help maximise a brands presence and subsequent sales at a retail level. We work with many of the UK’s top brands to help them deliver trade advertising, media buying and wholesale promotional strategies that make the trade sit up and listen.

Public Relations
With demand from our clients for us to offer an integrated marketing and PR solution, we launched Howell Penny PR (HPPR) in 2010. This new mix of marketing and PR is proving to be a great success with clients, providing a holistic approach to all their communication needs. We believe our ‘no nonsense, say it like it is’ PR delivery provides clients with a much needed breath of fresh air.


There’s method in our creativeness

Strategic Planning & Insight
We like to start by getting under your skin, to discover your objectives and your customer attitudes and behaviours. We use a variety of research methodologies to get true insight and identify areas of competitive advantage from desk research, workshops, focus groups and in-depth interviews to vox-pops and accompanied shops.

Building a Creative Platform
The creative platform acts as a blueprint for inspiring great ideas and creativity – ranging from the key objectives we need to achieve, the product benefits we need to push, audience profiles, timing, budgets, etc – in fact, everything that goes into promoting your brand at a trade and retail level.

Campaign Execution
Great delivery is as important as the creative idea itself. The ability to target your customer using the right media, at the right time in the right place is vital to your marketing success – that’s integrated marketing.

Evaluation & Learning
Whether it’s improving the campaign timing, segmentation or targeting, tweaking the creative, there are always lessons to learn to take forward or next time. We make sure these learnings are captured to ensure continuous improvement.