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Nitromail – email marketing made easy

Email marketing is now a vital component for almost all brands to help engage with their customers, prospects, suppliers and employees on a regular basis and keep their brand ‘front of mind’.

Nitromail is cost-effective; quick to implement; easy to personalise and segment your communications; tracks your customers actions and help you to talk directly to your intended recipients and avoid gatekeepers such as PA’s and secretaries.

What we offer
We offer two levels of service for our Nitromail clients:

(1) Managed Service – where we take control of the design, copywriting, data upload and despatch of your email campaigns – this is ideal for larger clients or those clients that are time poor.
(2) Do It Yourself – where you manage the campaign yourself, from copywriting to despatch via your own computer at home or at work – allowing you to be in complete control at all times.

For both of these services, we do all of the initial hard-work, namely the Design, Build & Testing phases – to help you create one or more email templates that you can use over and over again (or we can design a bespoke campaign every time according to your needs), which is built to the highest possible standards and tested to ensure it passes all major spam tests so it is accepted by all major Email clients.

To find out a little more about the process, have a look at the stages we undertake.

1. Scoping
At the scoping phase we get an understanding of what your require and what your campaign objectives are, as well as your brand tone of voice and any guidelines. This scoping phase informs the design and build process to make sure we maximise the success of your campaign whilst supporting your brand. For example: -

- Do you require a different creative for each campaign you send out?
- Or a template that you can use over again?

2. Design
When you use Nitromail, you also benefit from a creative team that has designed emails for some of the biggest brands in the UK.
We offer you a bespoke design solution, that allows you to:

Personalise your emails – up to ten customized fields
Forward to a Friend – lets your recipient’s spread the word virally
Send at anytime – full control over when your recipients will receive your campaign

Creatively, we understand the difference between what simply looks great and design that gets results.

3. Build
So now your email has been designed and we have agreed how you want the email to be tailored for your campaign

We go onto build the email. This is when we turn the creative into HTML code. Getting the build right is vital to ensure it is accepted by the key ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and looks the same, whatever email client your customers view the email in.

4. Testing
There are two key tests that we run internally prior to sending a test campaign to yourselves. We test it through various Spam filters – To ensure your email gets through to the different email clients. We then screen shot over twenty email clients to make sure that your recipients see what they are supposed to see. Only once we have carried these tests out and are happy with the results, we will send tests to you internally for sign off.

We currently test in the following Email clients

Desktop Email Clients
AOL 9, Apple Mail 3, Apple Mail 4, Lotus Notes 6.5.4, Lotus Notes 7, Lotus Notes 8, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook XP, Thunderbird, Windows Mail

Web-based Email Clients
AOL Web, Gmail, Mobile Me, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail,

Mobile Email Clients
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android 2.2, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.5

5. Delivery
Once your email has been tested through the various spam and email clients and has been signed of internally . The campaign is now ready to be sent. You can either send immediately or set up a specific date/time that you want the campaign to go out.

6. Reporting
Nitromail provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. It goes beyond email opens and link clicks and can measure your campaign related sales, conversions and ROI.

You can see who is opening it, what parts of the campaign they are interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, unsubscribed, bounced or even marked it as spam.

Peace of Mind
Data protection – We take your reputation and ours very seriously. We insist on all our clients confirm in writing that all subscribers have opted in for the email and that it has a single click unsubscribe button in all campaigns.

Strict privacy policy – Our strictly enforced privacy policy ensures your data is never shared with any third parties and is kept safe and secure at all times. Only limited staff have access to your account in order to provide support.

Reliable server environment
– To keep your data safe, secure and available we use a state of the art server . All sensitive data is stored on severs behind a constantly maintained firewall using the same level of encryption as many banks.

Nitromail – does so much more!
Import with a single click
Autoresponders and drip campaigns
A/B Split Testing
Build re-usable templates
Simple WYSIWYG editor for creating campaigns
Forward to a Friend
Send in any time zone
Test your email through popular spam filters
Free campaign archive
Powerful reports on the results
Google Analytics integration
Unlimited number of lists
Subscribe forms for your site
Customize the subscribe process
Confirmed Opt-in
Preference Centers
Suppression lists
Customize the unsubscribe process
Custom fields
Manage your subscribers
Export to Excel
Track list growth via RSS
Flexible import process
Great looking interactive charts
Google Analytics integration
Open and click tracking
Forward to a Friend reports
Unsubscribe reports
See which email client subscribers are using
Bounce reports
Spam complaint reports
Track conversions and ROI
Compare multiple campaigns
Full activity for each subscriber
Export reports to Excel
Easily access reports
Top notch deliverability

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