We ask a simple question.

In this complex, omnichannel world, are you confident you’re doing enough to persuade people to buy from you?

We help brands and retailers formulate and execute campaigns to help them sell more.



Are you maximising your shoppers’ experience?

We work with you to answer the following 5 key questions. With this knowledge, you’ll instantly start to identify strengths and weaknesses in your product and service offering. This exercise is a great way to benchmark your business against your competitors and discover quick wins and longer term shopper experience improvements.

Helps Me?

Helps me research

Guides me

Helps me choose

Offers expertise

Works for me?

Easy to find

Quick and easy to shop

Suits my timing

Fits with my lifestyle

Reflects me?

Shared values

Environmental conscience

Ethical standards

Talks to me?

Timely and relevant communication


Shared interests

Inspires me?

Engaging creative ideas and experiences

Makes me smile, think and act



Data is knowledge, and knowledge gives you the confidence you need to make meaningful business decisions. So, we have experts in research and data to help us understand shopper behaviour in great depth and to uncover insights that can supercharge your marketing strategy and boost creativity.


From the data and insights, we design a plan to target the right shoppers with the right activity in the right environments. Our diverse team of retail strategists, conceptual creative, designers, UX, data, social media and promotions experts work collaboratively with you to formulate that plan.


From a big campaign to a small design project, having the right expertise at the right time is critical. At Howell Penny we have an award-winning creative team plus physical and digital delivery specialists who can solve and manage any project, no matter what the complexity.